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The Jacksonville Education Foundation is honored to accept donations made in memory of a loved one. Once received, an acknowledgement is sent to the family of the deceased notifying them of a “generous donation to the Jacksonville Education Foundation” in memory of the person.

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In Memory Of

In Memory Of Donor
Stuart Bird Mike & Carol Cummins
Doug Gowin Bette Gracie
Doug Gowin Bruce and Lisa Mehlenbacher
Doug Gowin Norma Tilley
Doug Gowin Sandy & Judy Terry
Doug Gowin Bert Brewer
Doug Gowin Cynthia Durrett
Doug Gowin Emily Morrow
Doug Gowin Susan Phillips
Stuart Bird James & Rosemary Cunningham
Stuart Bird Paula Smalls
Stuart Bird Frank Tilley
Betty Sheffield Gene & Donna Brumbelow
Bill Childs Gene & Donna Brumbelow
Billy H Guinn Mary Alice Adamson
Billy H Guinn Walter & Lucy DeRoeck
Billy H Guinn Ed & Mindy Gellock
Bonnie O'Dell Jimmy & Midge Going
Bonnie O'Dell Barry & Jana Autry
Bradley Price Barbara J Turner
Bradley Price Sharon Price
Bradley Price Lisa Anderson
Bradley Price Jennifer Wills
Bradley Price Kimberly Riley
Bradley Price Mike & Carol Cummins
Cleta Spivey Walter & Lucy DeRoeck
D'Anne Bellar Emily Morrow
Don Murray Don & Cathy Jones
Doug Gowin Amy McMillen Jay
Doug Gowin Dana & Jamie Ronderos
Doug Gowin Shoundra Walter
Doug Gowin James & Shannon Dorman
Doug Gowin Craig & Belinda Teer
Doug Gowin Brad & Tiffany Jacobson
Doug Gowin Sharon Bird
Doug Gowin Katherine Patterson & family
Doug Gowin David & Lila Murray
Doug Gowin Jeremy & Cori Harmel
Doug Gowin Dr Charles & Jeanette Creed
Doug Gowin Wayne Coleman
Doug Gowin Jim & Bonnie Hamblet
Doug Gowin Brenda Stahlin
Dwight Parsley Jeff & Sissy Austin, Jr
Dwight Parsley Jacque Bailey & Family
Evelyn Wagoner Jan Gowin
Gene Bates Jacque Bailey
Harry "Skip" Chapman Jeff & Sissy Austin, Jr
J.C. "Cookie" Swanson Jeff & Sissy Austin, Jr
James Spivey Mary B Adamson & Family
Jimmie Sanford Freida Scully
Jimmie Sanford James & Debra Spivey
Joe Sharp III Jeff & Sissy Austin, Jr
Joe Sharp III Austin Bank
Joe Sharp III Michael & Jennifer Neill
Joe Sharp III Susan Phillips
John B White III Jeff & Sissy Austin, Jr
Joyce Folden Austin Bank
Joyce Folden Walter & Lucy DeRoeck
Kenneth Durham Windol Cook
Lucille Smith Julie A. Duren
Mike Turney Mark & Judy Cook
Mike Turney Tim & Dawn McRae
Nannette Newborn Woodall Gene & Donna Brumbelow
Paul White Barry & Jana Autry
Paul White Mike & Carol Cummins
Penny Nichols Sanders Jeff & Sissy Austin, JR
Rachael Jenkins Jeff & Sissy Austin, Jr
Rayburn McCown Walter & Lucy DeRoeck
Sandy Harrison Peeples Emily Morrow
Shelley McCready Class of 1979
Todd Burton Jeff & Sissy Austin, JR
Wilbur Chancey Barry & Jana Autry
Cecil Pond Lucy DeRoeck
David Sorrell Jeff & Sissy Austin Jr
David Sorrell Patricia Mitchell
David Sorrell Ruth Shepley
David Sorrell Sally Welborn
David Sorrell Julie Duren
Davis Barker Jan Gowin
Denise Shelton Jill Swink - Swink Studios
Donna Alexander Jan Gowin
Doug Gowin Gene & Donna Brumbelow
Ed Snider Susan Phillips
Ed Snider Jeff & Sissy Austin, Jr
Elsie Wade Frank Tilley
James M. Cook JHS Class of '67
Joan Treadwell Jeff & Sissy Austin, Jr
Joe Angle Jeff & Laurel Austin Jr
Mary Foreman Jeff & Sissy Austin, JR
Stuart Bird Jan Gowin
Stuart Bird Jeff Austin III
Stuart Bird Grace Traylor
Stuart Bird Mike Pope
Stuart Bird Troy Parker
Stuart Bird Leslie George
Stuart Bird Holly Searcy
Stuart Bird Hedda Alexander
Stuart Bird Lindy Finley
Stuart Bird Brittany Gorham
Stuart Bird James Houser
Stuart Bird Judy Terry
Stuart Bird Robert & Shelia Sadler
Stuart Bird Dennis & Cynthia Durrett
Stuart Bird Bill & Margaret Permenter
Stuart Bird Rick & Barbara Turner
Stuart Bird Ray & Hazel Boone
Stuart Bird Susan Phillips
Stuart Bird Olen Morton
Stuart Bird Dean & Julie Harvey
Stuart Bird Brittany Gorham
Stuart Bird Bruce Melenbacher
Todd Burton Susan Phillips
Wally DeRoeck Jeff & Sissy Austin, JR
Wally DeRoeck Brad & Tiffany Jacobson
Wally DeRoeck Roger DeRoeck
Wally DeRoeck CP Senior Living
Wally DeRoeck Sharon Bird
Wally DeRoeck Glenn & Dianna Smith
Wally DeRoeck Carol Cummins
Wally DeRoeck Patricia Hayes
Wally DeRoeck Bruce Mehlenbacher
Wally DeRoeck Cynthia Durrett
Wally DeRoeck Emily Morrow
Wally DeRoeck Paula Smalls
Wally DeRoeck Barry & Jana Autry
Wally DeRoeck Gene Brumbelow
Wally DeRoeck David & Dealy Herndon
Wally DeRoeck Susan Phillips
Wally DeRoeck Janet Mackintosh

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